FLEET Management


FLEET is a powerful service helping you store and manage all your vehicle maintenance files that are necessary to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations.


It makes maintaining vehicle files a breeze.


  • No more Excel sheets
  • No more paper
  • All in one location
  • Accessible from any computer
  • Available 24/7


Keeping track of expiring documents is quick and easy with FLEET. It has color coded visual cues that will notify you of any document that is about to expire or is missing.

FLEET gives you control over your vehicle files. It also gives you complete knowledge of all your vehicles when it comes to them complying with the Federal regulations.


Not only is FLEET this powerful and easy to use service, but think of it as insurance for cases like audits or if there is an accident and an investigation is opened. If these were to occur, FLEET is on your side.