Drug & Alcohol Management

(Drug and Alcohol testing services are available for all drivers with the exception of Local 399 drivers).


Pre-Employment Testing.

Drivers are pre-employment drug tested and enrolled in our national Industry Pool once a negative result has been reported by our Medical Review Officer.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing.

We enroll all qualified drivers in our industry pool, which combines drivers to create a larger group of participants; this ensures equitable selection of individuals during each testing period. Random alcohol and controlled substance testing is done in accordance with the minimum annual percentage rates established by the FMCSA Administrator.

Post-Accident Testing.

We conduct controlled substance and/or alcohol tests when drivers operating qualifying commercial motor vehicles are involved in an accident.

Return-to-Duty Testing and Follow-Up Program.

Follow-Up-Testing Programs and Return-to-Duty Testing is provided by us for drivers participating in Substance Abuse Programs.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing.

We assist clients during Reasonable Suspicion Testing protocols.